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Mr. Rakesh Pradhan

Co Founder and CEO

Rakesh is an Entrepreneur, having a total of 5+ years’ experience in the area of Business Management and in Information Technology primarily in ERP implementation and custom development.

He plays an active role in the Organization providing strategic road map & also executing the same along with the management team.Rakesh serves as the CEO and is responsible for the overall Planning, Organizational Management, Finance, and Operations. He is known for his innovation and experience in all facets of the software industry including Executive Management, Sales, R&D, Quality, Project Management, System Analysis & Design, and Information Strategy Planning.

He is best known for providing consulting solutions to large business and technology organizations by establishing and maintaining long-term business relationships with them. He loves exploring new technology areas like IOT, Block chain and Machine Learning with Big Data. Rakesh had earned his B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication and MBA from BPUT, Odisha.

Mr. Syamanta Garud

Director & CTO

Syamanta is an experienced IT professional with vast range of domain expertise and experience in both software services as well as product development. In his career spanning over 15 years, syamanta has worked on important projects from a wide spectrum of domains covering RFID, Telecom, Accounting, Data Mining, etc.

Syamanta has experience in many aspects of the software industry including Executive Management, R&D, Quality, Project Management, and System Analysis and Design. Syamanta has been closely associated with various technology domains like Open Source, Microsoft Technology, J2EE, RFID, Smart Cards, Mobile Applications, Middleware, Sensor Networks, etc.

He has interests in various fields of AI e.g., Neural Networks, Decision Trees, etc and he has published some of his works in international journals like IEEE Transactions, International Journal of Neural Networks, etc these ideas have been deployed in various works in the field of data mining and sensor networks. Syamanta Graduate and MCA from Sambalpur University and M.Tech from CUTM, Odisha.